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Who can help

Search our directory to find services supporting people your area.


Food support

For emergency cases only – will include essential non-perishable food items.

Mental health support

Telephone support and counselling, online support, and connection to helpful tools and services.

Infant and child support

A range of supports for families with babies and/or children.

General support

For assistance with a range of general matters such as advocacy, linking to Government providers, and community support.

Employment support

For assistance with job applications, employment search, careers advice and/or support for young people having issues with their employment.

Addiction services

Assistance for those living with substance abuse or other addiction, and their families.

Health and disability support

Assistance for those living with health issues and/or disability.

Legal and advocacy

Help to navigate the legal system or Work and Income support.

Financial mentoring/budgeting

For assistance with benefits or budgeting advice.

Youth support

Counselling, online support and connection to helpful tools and services for young people.

'Here to help u' is a community-led effort. Many organisations have united to bring you this initiative.