Who can help

What type of help are you looking for?

Collection service

For pick up and delivery to your door of groceries, medicines and/or pharmaceutical supplies. Please note that payment for the goods/supplies will be required.

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Food parcels

These will include essential non-perishable food items, and are only for emergency cases.

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Local general support

For assistance with a range of general matters such as advocacy, linking to Government providers, and local community support.

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Mental health support

This includes telephone support and counselling, online support, and connection to helpful tools.

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Prepared meals

Frozen nutritious meals that will be delivered to your door - for emergency situations when you are unable to prepare a meal for yourself or your whānau/family.

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Safe social connection

Someone to connect with you by telephone or someone who can come to your door or window and have a friendly chat from a safe 2-metre distance.

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