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About us

When COVID-19 arrived on our shores, New Zealanders needed to access social and wellbeing support at their fingertips. At the same time, community service providers were navigating an increasingly difficult environment to do their important work. So, several Hamilton-based community service providers worked together to quickly build and launch a new tool to serve people in need, providers and their volunteers. ‘Here to help u’ is a community-led solution that makes getting the right help, at the right time, easy.

Since it launched in April 2020, ‘Here to help u’ has:

  • supported thousands of people, with 96% satisfied with the overall service *
  • been used by the community sector to further enhance their work, and
  • been adopted by new areas and regions across New Zealand.
(* from a telephone survey of randomly selected completed help requests.)

‘Here to help u’ successfully enables people to access a wide range of free support by simply submitting one help request online. It’s quick. It’s convenient. It’s help made judgement, no barriers, and no unnecessary complexity.

At the Wise Group we believe that better never stops, so we’re constantly adding new features to the tool and strengthening the overall solution. We’re also committed to making sure ‘Here to help u’ is available to any community that’s interested. If your area or region is keen to know more, or would like a demo, contact us now.

Here’s what some of the project pioneers have to say:

“Through ‘Here to help u’ we’re standing alongside each other to protect the health, safety, and wellbeing of individuals, whānau and the community so people can thrive."

“‘Here to help u’ is a secure digital system the public can have full confidence in. It’s an extremely valuable tool that will elevate the work of the very dedicated community sector during COVID-19, and beyond.”

“COVID-19 brought us together to pioneer a new way of working. That’s a great thing for the sector and for the people.”

How you can help

We're looking for volunteers, businesses and organisations that can help support the community


If you'd like to volunteer to support the community, please contact your local volunteering organisation.


If your organisation is providing or would like to provide support to people, we'd like to hear from you.


If your business would like to support this initiative, please complete the form and one of our team will contact you soon.

'Here to help u' is a community-led effort. Many organisations have united to bring you this initiative.